Limited Warranty Coverage - Automotive
In the unlikely event that any Bekaert film you have purchased should experience adhesive
failure, bubbling, cracking, crazing, delamination, demetallization, peeling, (or excessive
unusual change of color, applying to Ultra Performance, HP Quantum, Supreme, and
HP Supreme films only) or any other failure due to manufacturer’s defect, Bekaert will
provide replacement film and reasonable labor charges provided that reimbursement
does not exceed the amount of the original invoice. For purposes of this warranty, the
original invoice amount includes the price of the original film, and installation labor paid
at the time of the original installation.

Scope Of Warranty Coverage

The warranty period begins on the date the original film was installed. Please note:
 transferring a warranty changes the duration of warranty coverage. Under no circumstance
shall the transfer warranty period (whether 5-year or Lifetime) exceed five years
from original installation date.  

Bekaert Specialty Films (BSF) shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense
or cost caused or partially caused through:

* Improper film installation, improper film application, improper film-care
or cleaning, abuse, or glass breakage;

   * The quality of the installation performed by the independent window film dealer;

   * Non-automotive applications and non-complying film uses;

   * Any other acts, occurrences, defects, faults or damages not associated
with the manufacture of BSF window films.

Limited Lifetime, 5-Year and Transferable Warranty coverage is only applicable for installations
occurring in the United States , Canada and select countries, refer to your Solar Gard window
 films warranty paperwork for complete details.

Bekaert Specialty Films is not responsible for automotive window film installation compliance
 with the laws of your state or any other state or country where the vehicle may be utilized.
You must, therefore, determine whether such window film is in compliance with any such